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February 27, 2007

February 27, 2007: OS Quiz, Zero-Sum Game

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The following were harvested from my e-mail system. Messages were dated between January 17 and February 27, 2007.

Which OS Are You?
When I took this quiz initially (1/17/2007), I was HP-UX, as were most of my friends and family members who shared their answers. I also had one Amiga OS friend who was shooting for DOS, and another who thought for sure that he’d draw the WinME card instead of HP-UX. One coworker got Slackware Linux but misread it as Slacker Linux. On my last go (6/22/2011), I came up as Slackware Linux as well.

Zero-Sum Game
I was challanged by a colleague who felt that trading on the commodities markets was immoral as it was a zero-sum game. More research is needed!


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