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January 30, 2008

Personal Library Management Software

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This is a quick review of several library catalogue software offerings for Linux.  The article that sparked my interest in this type of software can be found at here.

  • Alexadria is  a GNOME-based application for maintaining a personal library inventory.  It has a simple interface, supports CueCat, and is apparently well-documented.  The downside is that it is only for books.
  • Tellico is a competing product for KDE.  It will track items other than books and appears to be more configurable.  Here‘s an online manual of sorts that does note CueCat support in the release notes.
  • GCstar is  a general-purpose collection manager, highly configurable and extensible with Perl.  The FAQ mentions the ability to fetch info from websites, but no mention of CueCat whatsoever.  Softpedia as has a good review.

All three automatically search the Internet for book/album/movie information and all three are available in Ubuntu repositories.

Also, a commercial product, Readerware, supports Linux.  There is also a free CueCat offer.  Three separate packages are required to track books, mosic and movies, each costing $40 or $75 for the bundle.


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