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September 1, 2009

September 1, 2009: AK-47, Coffee

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Russian Guns, American Ammo
I had heard somewhere that Russian rifles, particularly the AK-47, was designed to use rounds slightly larger than the American counterpart so that ammo caches captured by the Russians could be used against U.S. forces, but not the other way around. I mentioned this to a friend who is a former Marine and knows a lot about guns. His reply:

Definitely a myth. The AK-47 fires a 7.62[mm dia] x 39[mm len] round…[whereas] the M-14 (US rifle) fired a 7.62[mm dia] x 51[mm len], which means the US round for the M14 was 12 mm longer and simply would not fit in the AK. I’m pretty sure the bolt of the AK woudn’t lock with on an M14 round which means the firing pin would never release. I believe the shape and dimensions of the neck were different as well, so firing an AK round in the M14 would be a last ditch – time to blow up my weapon – shot and there would only be one shot.

This post on Yahoo! Answers covers the same myth for the Polish PMK variant. The "best" answer is very similar tot he one my friend provided, adding the fact that one round is rimmed and the other is not. Gotta love the variety of answers though! I tend to go with the ones that include actual measurements over the ‘yep, that’s what I heard too’ type of answers.

Health Benefits of Coffee
Sent from a friend:
Looks like coffee may lower the risk of diabetes, liver cancer, and Cirrhosis, and does not increase the risk of heart desease or stroke…at least that’s what they say for now.


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