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December 31, 2009

TiddlyWiki: Plugin Sites

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There are a lot of neat plugins for TiddlyWiki out there. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to play with them all, much less post instructions on how best to make use of them. So, here is a running list of plugin sites with descriptions.

abegoExtensions. This site is copyright abego Software GmbH and is distributed under an Open Source license. It includes about a dozen plugins.

Lewcid TW. This site has good number of plugins and macros. The is no longer available, but I found a copy at

TiddlyTools. Mr. Eric L Shulman has way too much time on his hands, and you should thank him for it. He has provided a ton of plugins. His site is still maintained, the last entry at the time of this writing dated December 29, 2011. I had once noted the usefulness of the TagCloudPlugin. His work is distributed as Open Source.

TiddlyWiki In Action. This site is a “showcase” of other peoples’ TiddlyWikis. It is still being maintained as of December 2011, though changes were sparse over the previous four years.

Umibozu. I found a reference to in my e-mail with a note that it includes a plugin named LimitOpenTiddlersPlugin that keeps only one Tiddler open at a time. The site is gone, it it appears that the Wayback Machine has several snapshots, but I am not able to view them from my current location. Perhaps I will be able to write more about this one later.

VisualTW. Most of the plugins on VisualTW are from January 2008; in 2011, the author posted that he no longer had the time for maintenance. There are a handful of editor plugins (EasyEdit, FCKeditor, Externalize), an encryption plugin that protects the whole file with a single password using RC4, a TiddlersBar plugin that adds tabs similar to those used by modern browsers, and a TagsTree plugin that builds a navigation menu based on tags.

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