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March 1, 2010

The Small Stuff: Storage

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Other Small Stuff

HŌM Organization / @theOFFICE

Multipurpose Tray. 4.5″hx8.75″x11.25″, UPC 842441082357, $6 @Walmart
Document Box. ?”hx?”x?”, UPC 842441081770, $6 @Walmart
Square Storage Box 5″hx8.5″x8.5″, UPC 842441081756, $6 @Walmart

Plastic Storage Containers

CD & DVD Media IRIS Media Box, clear with dividers, $8-$10, @ContainerStore
Fasteners, Small Tools, etc. Plano Connectable Stowaway 3870, 5-22 compartments
Electronics & Computer Parts, etc. Plano Prolatch Stowaway 2-3750, 4-27 compartments


CD/DVD Sleeves Inland Pro Storage, 200pk, Stock #02851, UPC 012405028510 @Fry’s?
Coin Collecting/Sorting Darice 17-compartment “fashion accessories” box, Item#S10674-1, UPC 082676213823 @ Walmart

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