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March 10, 2010

Fidei Depositum

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Fidei Depositum is the Apostolic Constitution of Pope John Paul II that formally called for the publication of a deposit of the Catholic faith, the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


Introduction. The mission of the Church is to guard the deposit of faith. During Vatican II, Pope John XXIII requested that Christian doctrine be made more accessible. A catechism was requested by the Synod Fathers in the 1985 Synod of Bishops. Pope John Paul II saw a real need and made the creation of a catechism a priority. The Catechism supplements the renewal of Liturgy and new codification of Canon Law.

Process. A brief overview of the process of drafting the Catechism is given. The final product is the work of the whole Episcopate and a testimony to the catholicity of the Church.

Arrangement of Material. The general organization of material is traditional: Creed, Liturgy, Christian Life & Prayer. Specific information was presented in new ways to suit the contemporary needs of the faithful. These cover what we believe, how we celebrate that faith, how we act and how we pray, respectively.

Doctrinal Value. The Catechism is “a sure norm for teaching the faith”. It does not replace local Catechisms, but does instead encourage the writing of new ones.

Conclusion. The constitution ends with an appeal to Mary for intercessory support for the catechetical work of the Church.


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