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June 28, 2010

Christian Ministries

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This is a list of Christian ministries that have caught my attention.

Bezeugen Tract Club This is a Fundamentalist Christian tract club operated by my friend, Carl Kalbfleisch. The organization’s website can be found at

Victory Life/Outreach/Fellowship This ministry was started by San Antonian Freddie Garcia, who found Jesus on his road to recovery from drug addiction. The many names associated with this ministry may be a product of its expansion. According to this Express News article, he started his ministry by inviting other addicts into his home to assist with their spiritual healing. His program has been highly effective, and it became a way of life for him. His life story, Outcry in the Barrio is widely available for sale (Amazon, Alibris, etc.) and usually costs between $1 and $5, though a free copy can be obtained through various associated ministries. He was awarded a national Achievement Against the Odds award by the elder President Bush in 1990. Garcia died October 16, 2009 at age 71. The rehab program involves keeping the recovering addicts busy and focused on their work for the center, which involves producing and selling various baked goods and beaded trinkets. I have been approached many times by members of a local center in various parts of town, and while my heart goes out to them in thir struggles, I must agree that their technique could be improved. As this Dallas Morning News article points out, many are concerned about their safety when they are approached by members of this group – not only physical safety, but also conerns about what has been baked into the food they sell. Comments to this post illustrate how easily the program could be abused by spoofs. A few examples of local branches include Templo Victoria De Houston, Outcry in the Barrio Center in Pharr, Texas (near McAllen), and Victory Temple Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas, founded by recently-departed Gerald Salomon. Braches often include a church, homes for the recovering addicts and drop-in centers.


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