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October 5, 2010

Pope Pius XII

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Pope Pius XII reigned as Pope from 1939 to 1958. In recent years, he has been popularly criticized for his “silence” during the holocaust and has even been incorrectly associated with the Nazi party; however, Pius XII and the Church did more to aid the Jews in WWII than any other entity in the world. As his case for canonization progresses, many of these historical errors are being addressed and corrected. Lacking sufficient time to research thoroughly, I am only collecting a list of information bits on Pius XII, at least for the moment.

  • Wikipedia article
  • His writings
  • The Truth About Pope Pius XII by Sister Margherita Marchione. Ph.D. and the Catholic League
  • How Pius XII Protected Jews by Jimmy Aikn
  • Controversial play The Deputy (1963) was written by Rolf Hochhuth
  • Biography at SQPN
  • Catholic Answers Live dedicated some time, even several whole shows, to this topic:
    • 10-Apr-2000 Pope Pius XII & the Nazis, Sr. Margherita Marchione
    • 11-Jan-2001 Hitler, the War, & the Pope, Ronald Rychlak
    • 5-Oct-2007 Is There a Conspiracy Against the Church?, Ronald Rychlak
    • 15-Oct-2007 Catholics and the Holocaust, William Doino
    • 9-Jan-2009 Catholic Urban Legends: “Hitler’s Pope”, Robert Lockwood
    • 17-Apr-2009 The Cause of Pius XII, Matthew Bunson
    • 15-May-2009 The Church In the News, John-Henry Westen
    • 26-Jun-2009 The Church in the News, Robert Lockwood
    • 1-Feb-2010 The War on Pius XII, Ron Rychlak
  • List of articles linked on the EWTN Library.
  • R. J. Rychlak’s Hitler, the War, and the Pope (0879732172)
  • J Cornwell’s Hitler’s Pope (0-670-87620-8)
  • NYT praised Pius XII in 1941-2 (examples from Fr. Z)
  • High praise also came from various Jewish organizations upon his death (to be substantiated)
  • Articles opposing his canonization:
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