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November 23, 2010

Tea & Coffee

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I started drinking tea from a young age and first discovered coffee in my late teens. In college, the coffee house experience became more mainstream, and I found myself enjoying coffee more often, not just as a wake-me-up, but socially. I revisited tea at the urging of some friends in the office, and for the next five years, I delved into the world of loose full-leaf tea, posting the results of my tastings here. This year I decided to expand this page to include coffee as well.

Coffee Brands
More to come…
Where To Buy Coffee
More to come…
Coffee Shops
Kindred Coffee Co.
Tea Brands
Cuida Te
Davidson’s Tea
The Republic of Tea (TROT)
Rishi Tea
Moscow Tea Factory (MTF)
Where To Buy Tea
Central Market
Sprouts Farmers Market
Whole Foods
World Market

Tea 2010
Tea 2011
Tea 2012
Tea 2013
Tea 2014
Tea 2015
Tea 2016
Coffee 2015
Coffee 2016
Tea & Coffee 2018

Preparing Tea
Since I’ve been posting my reviews, I’ve learnt a lot about tea preparation. I prefer loose-leaf tea over bagged tea because it tends to produce a more flavorful cup. It also gives me much more control over the whole process: tea strength, multiple steepings, flavor blending, etc. I’ve also found that I like very strong tea that has been allowed to cool a bit, which is contrary to most of the guidance I’ve read. Most of my tea consumption occurs at work, so I only make a cup or two at a time. All of these factors have influenced my preparation methods and the tea gear I use (see below).

Tea Gear
French Press
Tea Tumbler
Death Star Tea Infuser


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