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June 28, 2011

Spurious & Apocryphal Writings

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In reading the writings of the Church Fathers, there are a number of documents considered spurious (either all-out fakes or invalid in substance of reasoning) or as apocryphal (hidden away). Of course, this must be differentiated from the deutero-canonical books of Sacred Scripture that Protestants and others call the Apocrypha. These are not off of the reading list, but I must read them with an eye for finding the errors, and I won’t spend much time on them. Unless otherwise stated, all documents can be found on the New Advent website.

Spurious Writings of Clement I. A number of writings have been falsely attributed to Clement I. New Advent lists three epsitles and one story in the form of twenty homilies. I have written high-level notes on a selection of these writings only.

The Apocryphal Apocalypse of Peter. The copy available on New Advent only has thirty-three verses and the whole piece begins and ends with ellipses, indicating that it is only a fragment. Per Wikipedia, fragments in Koine Greek and in Ethiopic still exist, but differ considerably. It existed in the early second century and were considered canonical by some. It begins with a warning against false teachers, then moves to a scene similar to the Transfiguration in which Jesus reveals to Peter a vision of Heaven and Hell. The descriptions of the torture are quite graphic. This document does provide early evidence that Christians abhorred both abortion (v25) and homosexuality (v31).


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