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September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011: Shave Gel Ad

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Gillette Shaving Cream Ad
I found this ad online a few months ago for the "tough beard" and "sensitive skin" versions of Gillette shaving gel. It includes photo touch-ups of paintings of Hitler and Charlie Chaplin respectively, presenting them as shaven. An Indian photographer, one Joshua Lawrence, posted it on the <a href="http://adsoftheworld">Ads of the World</a> creative site on 4/20/2011, asking for critique. The photo had won honorable mention in the 2009 International Photo Awards in the Advertising Professional Product category. The feedback was not positive, most expressing disapproval of the use of Hitler’s image and others noting minor errors, such as the fact that Hitler had a mustache, not a tough beard, and that Chaplin’s mustache was a fake.


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