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October 7, 2011

Original Battle Chess Capture Sequences

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Many moons ago, when I had time to do things for fun or for no real reason whatsoever, I documented the animation sequences for Interplay‘s original 1988 version of Battle Chess. I’m taking the time now to post these notes here, for no real reason whatsoever.

About The Pieces

Pawn: armored warrior, wielding a lance
Bishop: wearing a hooded robe, mitre, and knife-topped staff
Knight: wearing full armor and a cape, with shield and sword
Rook: castle turret that morphs into a rock monster
Queen: typical dress, fights with energy bolts
King: hunched-over old man with a variety of tricks

The Attack Sequences

Pawn takes… Pawn: attacks with lance, first the toe, then the head
Bishop: opens hole in the ground with lance, bishop falls in
Knight: kick to the groin, knight falls over
Rook: breif fight, rook falls and is smashed to pieces
Queen: stabs her in the back with a knife
King: takes crown with lance, king throws a fit
Bishop takes… Pawn: basic hand-to-hand combat, stabs him with bladed staff
Bishop: vaporizes him with staff (magic?)
Knight: very similar to capture of pawn
Rook: crumbles him with staff (magic?)
Queen: barehanded blade blocks, stabs her through the torso
King: slices king into three pieces
Knight takes… Pawn: basic hand-to-hand combat, stabs him with sword
Bishop: stabs him in the gut, then beheads him, bishop disappears
Knight: cuts off his arms and legs *
Rook: knocks legs out from under him, rook falls and crumbles
Queen: reflects lightning with shield, turning her into a dragon
King: failed beheading, cuts sceptor and disrobes him
Rook takes… Pawn: pawn surrenders and is smashed into a metal ball
Bishop: two blows to the head
Knight: smashes him into a helmet with feet
Rook: fist fight, fist goes down through head and body
Queen: devours her whole
King: flattens him, king is dropped and floats to ground
Queen takes… Pawn: vaporizes lance, pawn tries to runs, but is blasted
Bishop: chars him in place, his skeleton falls into a bone pile
Knight: vaporized inside his armor
Rook: blasts him into a pile of rubble
Queen: blasts her and she shrinks into nothing
King: blasts him, he disintigrates, leaving robe, crown, sceptor
King takes… Pawn: reveals hidden ball mace in sceptor and smacks him
Bishop: shoots him in the chest after missing his head and feet**
Knight: bats bomb to him with his sceptor
Rook: shrinks with with some sort of burning powder
Queen: they embrace, she tries to knife him and he knocks her down
King: not possible

* Reenactment of Black Knight scene from Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail
** Reenactment of swordsman scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Video

Years later, someone captured the sequences in a video and posted them to YouTube. Take a look:


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