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November 16, 2011

November 16, 2011: Turkeys, Journeys, Lip-Reading

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Smoking Turkey
I’m preparing for some holiday cooking. Here are some recipies. There are also a good number of YouTube videos available. Suggestions include keeping the fire at 225°F, using apple and/or cherry wood for flavor, placing a can of water on the grill to maintain moisture, placing a drip pan under the grill surface (for obvious reasons, it also doubles as a heat sink), using a probe thermometer, and cooking the bird until it is approximately 160°F. Brining means soaking the turkey in a solution of water, salt, and sugar for about three days. Oil makes the skin crispy. One purist advocates using only a salt rub.

Brining… (the liquid brine mix is discontinued)

Journeys With The Messiah
Fashion photographer Michael Belk has produced a series of images depicting Jesus’ "teaching moments" (my words, not his). The settings are ancient, but the extras are in modern dress. The point is to make Jesus relevant today, to draw people in with images to which they can relate. The photography is beautifully done, the scenes are whole and complete, lacking distractions, and the series has strong continuity in both composition and the application of post-production effects. Well done, Mr. Belk! [Disclaimer: While the images do depict scenes from the Bible, some of the explanations¬†are not particularly Catholic.]

Giving credit where due, I found this project by way of Jonathan Merritt’s blog post, If Jesus Were Here Today…

Bad Lip-Reading
These are hilarious! Start with Rick Perry’s and move on through the related videos. And hey man, save a pretzel for the gas jets.


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