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January 13, 2012

TiddlyWiki: Cookbooks

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If anything, TiddlyWiki reminds me of a set of index cards (well, more so of Cardfile and HyperCard I suppose), and index cards make me think of two things: term papers and recipes. I’ve noted elsewhere how I’ve used TiddlyWiki for educational purposes, so here’s my list of TW-powered recipe boxes.

Disclaimer: I’m sure the recipes on the sites below are great. I can’t say that I’ve ever actually made any of them. I’m showing off TiddlyWiki, not endorsing recipes.

Jackson Boyle’s Kitchen. Mr. Boyle’s blog includes a TiddlyWiki recipe book. The site is no longer around, but the recipes are still available here on the Wayback Machine.

Philosophical Gourmet Cookbook. The Philosophy department of the University of Florida once published a gourmet cookbook online. The link is now dead, but a copy can be found here on the Wayback Machine.

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