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April 19, 2012

April 19, 2012: Stores, History, Arcs, Jews, A’s, Cubify, DVDs

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I cleaned my dry-erase board at work today. Amongst the work-related notes and drawings I found a myriad of things that coworkers had mentioned and that I had scribbled down for further investigation. While I was at it, I emptied by e-mail inbox and snagged a few links from there too.

Online Store Recommendations
These recommendation come from my coworkers who swear by them. I have not actually purchased from either.
Filters Fast for AC and water filters
Monoprice for electronics, especially cables

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
A coworker recommended Dan Carlin’s history-lesson podcasts. He was listening to shows 34 & 35 titled "Death Throes of the Republic: Parts I-VI" at the time. I found them at Podcast Alley. He also has a website.

Arc Attack
Dances with Tesla coils. From what I understand, the coils are part of the music. They are all over YouTube, so I didn’t post a video here.

Azamra: Torah For Our Time
Digital Judaism! Azamra is a Jewish global outreach based in Jerusalem, Israel. I find the Know Your Bible page in the Free Online Books section interesting, if not useful.

Mayo Clinic: The Four A’s of Stress Relief
A recent health bulletin distributed by our HR department highlighted the Four A’s of Stress Relief: avoid, alter, adapt, accept. I don’t know if the Mayo clinic came up with these, but they did write an article about them.

Cube 3D Printer by Cubify
I want one. And where’s my flying car?

YouTube on DVD
YouTube’s April Fools Day gag.


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