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April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012: Children, Water, Fail

The Time Lapse Children
I stumbled across these videos today. Talk about your life flashing before your eyes! The YouTube poster filmed his/her children (Lotte & Vince) every week from birth, sped up the film and combined the results. It’s like watching them grow up in a matter of minutes. The third one (Natalie) is from a different family and is based on daily photos, not weekly videos. It is so cool that someone actually did this! (read: I wish I had thought of it first.)

Control The Flow Of Water
Make a stream of water stand still or trickle very slowly, even backward, using your digital video camera. The explanation can be found here on the CBS News website

If I Wanted America To Fail
Here’s today’s controversial video going around the office, thanks to Drudge. Looks great in 1080 HD! Produced by the good folks at FreeMarketAmerica.


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