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September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012: Gotye, 1216

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Somebody That I Used To Know, Parodies & Covers
This is a very catchy song by Belgian-Australian songwriter Gotye. Despite some distinctively-21st-Century indie rock elements, it borrows from the beatnik and psychedelic with a hint of Mancini, giving one the initial impression that the tune was actually composed some forty-odd years ago. The video (below) depicts a jilted lover being painted out of the foreground of his lady’s present life, eventually blending in with the background of her memory, indistinguishable from the other scenery. Meanwhile, she reveals her jealous insecurity and escapes the recesses of his mind, a place where she perceives that she has been trapped by him for some time.

The song itself is cool, but the number of parodies is impressive. These two are the cream of the crop in terms of lyrics and overall production, giving Weird Al a run for his money IMHO. They are followed by a cover performed by the Netherlands Radio Choir.

The 1216 Shotgun
Highlighted on FPSRussia by the ever-diligent Dmitri Potapoff, this nifty weapon is a semiautomatic 12-gauge shotgun with a 16-shell magazine. In this episode, he brings back his archnemesis, the zombie clown. Enjoy the video in 1080 HD.


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