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October 3, 2012

CCC 355-384

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  1. Man was created in the image of God, both a spiritual and a physical being, male and female, and in friendship with God.

God’s Image

  1. Of all creatures, only man can love God, was willed by God for its own sake, and is invited to share in God’s life.
  2. Like God, man has dignity of person, has self-knowledge, can enter freely into covenants, etc.
  3. All was created for man, and man for God.
  4. Man takes origin from the first Adam and the last Adam, Christ. [1 Cor 15:45]
  5. Man is united in origin, in both creation and redemption. [Acts 17:26; Tob 8:6]
  6. The brotherhood of man is assured by the law of human solidarity and (non-exclusive) charity.

Body & Soul

  1. God willfully made man using dust (body) and his own breath (spirit). [Gn 2:7]
  2. “Soul” may refer to the whole person [Mt 16:25-26; Jn 15:13; Acts 2:41] or to the innermost being of man [Mt 10:28; Mt 26:38; Jn 12:27; 2 Macc 6 30].
  3. The whole person is to be part of the Body of Christ and a temple of the Spirit. [1 Cor 6:19-20; 1 Cor 15:44-45; Dan 3:57-80]
  4. The soul is the “form” of the body, not two united natures, but one. (consubstantial?)
  5. Created in and with the body, the soul is immortal, detatched at death and reunited at the resurrection.
  6. Scripture does not teach that a duality exists. [1 Th 5:23]
  7. The “heart” (depth of one’s being) is where the decision for God is made. [Jer 31:33; Dt 6:5; Dt 29:3; Is 29:13; Ezek 36:26; Mt 6:21; Lk 8:15; Rom 5:5]

Male & Female

  1. In his wisdom, God made man both male and female, of equal dignity in both humanity and in their respective roles. [Gn 2:7,22]
  2. God has no gender, but both (perfected) man and woman exhibit traits of God (e.g. father- & motherhood). [Is 49:14-15; Is 66:13; Ps 131:2-3; Hos 11:1-4; Jer 3:4-19]
  3. Man and woman were made for one another, as animal companionship was inadequate. [Gn 2:18-23]
  4. Man and woman are not imcomplete, but complementary, a communion of persons who cooperate in God’s creative work. [Gn 2:24; Gn 1:28]
  5. Dominion over the earth is a vocation made out of love, and is a great responsibility. [Gn 1:28; Wis 11:24]

In Paradise

  1. Man was good, in friendship with God, and in harmony with creation.
  2. Man’s original state was holiness.
  3. Harmony with God, self, woman, and creation would preclude suffering and death. [Gen 2:17,25; Gn 3:16,19] This is called “original justice”.
  4. This included mastery of self, as triple concupiscence was absent. [1 Jn 2:16]
  5. Man worked in the garden to perfect creation. [Gen 2:8,15; Gn 3:17-19]
  6. Original justice was lost with original sin.


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* IN BRIEF sections are materially the same as the preceding paragraphs and are generally omitted from these notes.


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