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January 14, 2014

January 14, 2014: Capitalism Pyramid, Mavens, Toothbrush, Real Beauty, Digital Quilting

Pyramid of Capitalist System
Google this (image search) and you will find a digital copy of the illustration used in a 1911 edition of the Industrial Worker newspaper. I discovered it while doing research for a paper some time ago and printed out a nice color copy to show to friends and perhaps to spark some discussion. I’m cleaning things out now and I don’t plan to keep the print, so I’m throwing it on my online stack just in case I want to look it up again later.

I picked up this word from Malcolm Gladwell. It’s another name for an expert. I was asked not to use it by someone today because it isn’t gender neutral. Well, actually it is! It’s derived from a Yiddish word that, if anything, has a masculine tone, because I’ve seen several sources translate it as "he knows".

History of the Toothbrush
The toothbrush was used by ancient Egyptians and Babylonians over five thousand years ago! Toothpaste was invented two thousand years before that! Prior to the use of nylon in 1938, you’d be cleaning those pearly whites with bristles from the necks of pigs, and in ancient times the paste would include ox hoof ash, burnt eggshells, pumice, oyster shells, crushed animal bones, or any number of other ‘natural’ substances.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches
The makers of Dove brand soap started a campaign to improve the self-esteem of women. I found the video on YouTube sometime last year. In the video, former San Jose Police Artist Gil Zamora sketches several women two times each: once based on a description of herself and again based on the description given by a person she just met. The sketches are then hung side-by-side and the women brought back into the studio to view them. In all cases, the women were far more critical of their own faces than the strangers were. The tag line at the end is "You are more beautiful than you think."

Pixel Patchwork: "Quilting in Time" Online
Here’s an analysis of ASCII art by author Brenda Danet. Drawing from samples shared via Internet Relay Chat, several aspects of this "digital folk art" are discussed. Since I basically lived on IRC for a short time, I have a certain fondness for ASCII art. It’s worth a quick read.


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