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August 6, 2014

August 6, 2014: Conclave Facts, Catholic America, Project Data, Toothpick City

20 Fun Facts About Papal Elections
This post by Dr. Taylor Marshall will undoubtedly come in handy someday. It’s a distillation of interesting facts from the history of Papal conclaves. I’m surprised how many questions I had to field from non-Catholic friends during the last two elections (and how much misinformation I had to correct). I wish I had seen this earlier!

If America Were A Fully Catholic Country…
While we are on his site, here is an article that I printed off a while back that’s been hanging around my cubical ever since. It’s a nice thought, but it’s predicated on the assumption that Catholics will actually start behaving (and voting) like Catholics. Making that happen is going to take a lot of work and prayer indeed!

3 Kinds of Data To Help Avoid Project Management Failure
The success of a project is more subjective than you might think. This post by Ashley Coolman explains how data from past projects, the members of the project team, and resource consumption can help define better project guidelines and improve the chances of success.

Rolling Through The Bay
I dug this one up while cleaning out some old e-mails. Fourth-generation San Franciscan Scott Weaver built an amazing sculpture of the City by the Bay out of toothpicks. His website includes a brief about the history of the sculpture, and the Exploratorium has posted a video on YouTube that shows the artist sending ping pong balls on tours through various parts of town.


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