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January 20, 2015

Android Applications: Social Media

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Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. I don’t have a lot to write about these. I stuck with the official apps out of concern for security and I had to accept their shortcomings for what they were. What I can say is that these apps evolved over time for the better. Bugs got fixed. New bugs weren’t as bad. Once in a while, a valued feature would just go away. And none of the apps ever fully replaced their web-based counterparts. The sites were always far more feature-rich.

For me, these apps were always lackluster. This probably had everything to do with the fact that my tablet was not “always on”. When I did have access to WiFi — which was at home for the most part — I also had my computer at hand. The tablet was just another place to do (some of) what I needed to do. Since I’ve been using an iPhone (a relatively recent development), I find the same apps on that platform to be invaluable. In fact, they often make the task at hand easier.


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