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About This ‘Blog

Welcome to my online notepad! I have created this web log for one specific purpose: to provide an online facility for recording information of interest to me no matter where I happen to be. In the past, I’ve hand-written myself notes on paper, used my cell phone as a voice recorder and written myself e-mails containing all manner of information ranging from in-depth technical information to simple keywords for later research. These methods are fine for collecting the data but do nothing for storing, organizing or expanding upon those data. The idea here is to minimize the use of these inferior methods, favoring semi-structured ‘blog entries instead.

An added bonus is that this information becomes available to others who may find it useful. When someone asks me to look into something, I can post the results. Feedback from readers can be beneficial in many ways too, by providing different perspectives and reporting errors in the posts. What makes this ‘blog a bit different is that many of the posts will be “living” documents that change as more information becomes available.



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