Brandon's Notepad

My Rules

My blog, my rules. The following guidelines promote consistency and quality in the notes I record, explain how my content is organized, and provide the rationale for how I interact with my readers and the Internet community at large.

Statement of Purpose

First and foremost, this ‘blog is for me. It’s my notepad. It contains notes on things I’ve learned over the years. It’s my reference material. I do believe in sharing, however, and so I open my notes to anyone who might find them useful.


Posts are organized into the following general categories:

  • My Research: hierarchy of topical posts, the product of long-term studies
  • My Lists: pages of related links, as well as one-off commentaries, how-to’s, etc.
  • My Stack: unorganized yet searchable pile of links to things that might prove useful later


All announcements, including periodic updates, are made via Twitter. The link to follow me is on the widget bar on the right side of the page.


Feedback may be sent via Twitter or using the form on the Provide Feedback page.


In keeping with the Statement of Purpose above, I have traditionally disallowed comments on posts; however, I changed my position in the months prior to writing these rules, and now allow comments to be added for a limited time after posting. All comments are moderated. I reserve the right to turn off the comment function temporarily or permanently to discourage misuse, as well as the right to delete any and all comments for any reason.


I often employ the technique of summarization in my note taking for several important reasons:

  1. It forces me to actively engage the text. This greatly improves my ability to comprehend and retain what I read, which in turn allows me to put the knowledge to practical use when needed sometime later.
  2. It allows me to write something that others might find useful in their own journey to understanding. By mastering the material, I am no longer the student, but the teacher.
  3. It is a convenient form of indexing. Condensing a long work into a much shorter narrative that contains pointers back to the source (to page, chapter, verse, section, paragraph, etc.) aids in locating ad hoc specific bits of information.
  4. It aids in directing research. In my notes I can embed “lauch pads” for additional reading, either to provide more detail on a given topic or to expand coverage to new topics.

My summaries often read like the typical notes one might take in a classroom setting, in either narrative or bulleted form, describing the work being summarized; however, I have also found it useful to rewrite certain types of texts using abbreviated sentences and modern language so to clarify the message in a way that appeals to contemporary audiences.

I, Brandon Brinkley, retain all rights to the material on this site. The copyright notice can be found on the widget bar on the right side of the screen. This ‘blog was started in January 2008. Some posts have been backdated to prior dates when possible, because the content came from handwritten or other electronic notes that I composed in prior years.

The following use is permitted:

  • Links to any post on this site may be used freely in web pages, ‘blog posts, comment boxes, discussion forums, tweets and other social media postings, etc.
  • Direct quotations are permitted subject to fair use limitations and proper citation.
  • Content reposting is only allowed under the following conditions:
    • reposting is executed through service-provided mechanisms (e.g. reblogging)
    • the repost explicitly identifies the source of the content as Brandon’s Notepad and provides a link back to the original post
    • the execution of the repost is communicated directly to me via pingback (or similar) services, Twitter, and/or the Provide Feedback page.
  • All other uses are prohibited.


I avoid inadvertently plagiarizing my sources to the best of my ability. I am careful to provide adequate citations and I always try to add value by way of explanation or critique. Please communicate all concerns regarding this matter via the Provide Feedback page.

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