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September 1, 2006: Evolution, GMail FS, Mazda3 Oil Changes, MP3 Tools
January 19, 2007: Zero-Sum Investing, Jott, Free 411
February 27, 2007: OS Quiz, Zero-Sum Game
June 11, 2007: Finances, Gas Hedge Card, Latin Trek
July 27, 2007: World Clock, Last Supper, Neo 1973
August 20, 2007: Delocator
January 29, 2008: Unix-Life, Tim Hawkins
World Clock Site
Personal Library Management Software
TX SH 161 Project
Linux DVD Player Review (2002)
Linux, Broadcom & NDISwrapper
Font Sites
Graphics Automation
Backing Up Online E-mail
March 21, 2008: Candle Cannon, Choir Lofts
March 27, 2008: Genealogy, L. J. Peter, Pillage, London, Dinner
June 26, 2008: Outsourcing, Hypermilin​g, Baseball & Football
Headless Linux Web Client
Linux Gaming
August 21, 2008: DIY Campaigning, Brandl, Alkali Metals, Yahweh, Earth’s Magnetic Field
November 11, 2008: Percy Seymour, DISD, Car Chase, Google HQ
November 17, 2008: Ball, Chordbook, Linux Radio
November 25, 2008: Server Names, Turkey, Public Speaking
Guitar Circuits
Great Hymns
Linux Boot Process
Software Development References
Great Books
Linux & Mobile Phones
WordPress User Guidance
WinNT is WinNT is WinNT
Getting Things Done
Using Perl Hashes
Getting Things Done @Work (Part 1)
Getting Things Done: Software
Great Bumperstickers
The Book of Rock Stars
Zen Encoding
Photography Books & Sites
Java Certification Resources
Rsync Resources
HTML Special Characters
September 1, 2009: AK-47, Coffee
September 18, 2009: 360° Panaramic Photos
October 31, 2009: PDF, DNS, TLM
Compendium of Lost Words
Baby Names
Care Calendar
Online Etymology Dictionary
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Now Serving…
-Ible Vs. -Able
Celebrating Advent
Latin Resources
Beowulf Clusters
Jujube Fruits
TiddlyWiki: Plugin Sites
Things To Do & See
The Small Stuff
The Small Stuff: Office Supplies
The Small Stuff: Home Maintenance
Using The Windows Clipboard in Perl
The Small Stuff: Batteries
The Small Stuff: Storage
The Mark Of The Web
Books I May Buy
Back Up WordPress ‘Blog With Wget
Fidei Depositum
The Catechism of the Catholic Church: Summary
The Catechism of the Catholic Church: Criticism
The Catechism of the Catholic Church: Prologue
Sacred Scripture: Bible Overview
Sacred Scripture: Summaries & Commentary
Sacred Scripture: Modus Operandi
Conservative Political Movements
Catechism of the Catholic Church: Part I
Giant Crosses
CCC 27-49
The Book of Leviticus
The Book of Judges
The Book of Deuteronomy
The Book of Joshua
The Book of Genesis
The Book of Exodus
The Book of Numbers
The Book of Ruth
Basic Christian Themes & Elements
The Didache
Funkyputers, R.I.P.
Christian Ministries
New Testament Authorship Timeline
Programmatically Creating Windows Shortcuts
Useful Latin Words & Phrases
Local Interest
Christian Fundamentalism
Un-Fortune Cookies
Online Maps
I’ve Heard It All
If LOTR Had Been Written By Someone Else!?
CCC 50-73
CCC 74-100
Pope Pius XII
Sound Boards
Yerba Mate
Interesting Catholics
Rerum Novarum
Tea & Coffee
Tea 2010
DFW Vietnamese Restaurants
Catholic Catechesis & Apologetics
Tea 2011
2011 Calendar
American Pie
Notable Covers
“Catholic” Universities
The Rule of St. Benedict
Creating Movie DVD ISO Images
Neoware Thin Clients
Eastern Philosophy & New Age
Conversations With God
Conversations With God, Book 1, Chapter 1
The Enneagram
CCC 101-141
CCC 142-184
June 15, 2011: Whitacre, JSON, Ebert
June 21, 2011: Shaving Cream Art
The Language of Forgiveness
June 26, 2011: Hymns
Wiping Linux File Systems
The Shepherd of Hermas
Small Linux Distros
Spurious & Apocryphal Writings
June 30, 2011: Patriotism, Train Safety
July 6, 2011: Linux Scanner Server
July 12, 2011: Photography, Star Trek Badge, Computer Pranks
July 15, 2011: Donuts, Icons, Shrine, Bridge
Pseudo-Clementine Writings
The Monty Python Comedy Troupe
August 4, 2011: Lego Men, Tim Hawkins, Philogelos
August 8, 2011: Cynergy, Javascript, Improv, Spacey
August 10, 2011: WGU, DOS
August 11, 2011: Gregory Brothers, Freetown Christiania
Phone & Network Wiring
August 13, 2011: Punishment, PEZ, PDFs, Somewhere
Easy Button Hacks
August 19, 2011: Conspiracy Week
August 22, 2011: Cola, Clock, Hackett, Religion, Free Book
Basic General Ledger Software
Slurping Files In Perl
August 23, 2011: Sixties, Joke
September 2, 2011: Roofs, Buddy, Sleep, Chatbots
September 8, 2011: S5, EU, Crash Site
September 14, 2011: Tasteful Music Videos
September 16, 2011: Octopuses, Pants, Reality TV, Taxidermy
September 19, 2011: Shave Gel Ad
September 26, 2011: Phones, Organ
Getting Things Done @Work (Part 2)
Getting Things Done: The Two-Minute Rule
September 28, 2011: Clean Art
Child Discipline
October 5, 2011: Whiskey & Cream, Sink
Kids’ Arts & Crafts
Original Battle Chess Capture Sequences
October 7, 2011: Guns
CCC 185-197
October 13, 2011: Gassed Celebrities
October 18, 2011: More Tim Hawkins
October 25, 2011: Lytro, Serengeti, Vatican, More Taxidermy, Rangers
October 31, 2011: Licorice, Foodscapes, Light Show
November 3, 2011: Multicopter
November 8, 2011: Harker
November 16, 2011: Turkeys, Journeys, Lip-Reading
December 1, 2011: Touchdowns
Sacred Scripture: Exegeses
Dark Films
E100 Challenge 2011-2012
Tea 2012
January 5, 2012: Athos
Tie::File Examples
TiddlyWiki: My Experience
January 12, 2012: DHTML, Hacking, Polymer Balls
TiddlyWiki: Cookbooks
Single Keystroke Menu Using Term::ReadKey
Getting Google Maps
January 31, 2012: Shuffling
February 7, 2012: Bacon Shakes
February 9, 2012: Facial Hair, Fire, Chaps
February 15, 2012: Butterflies, Hearts, HOAs, Starbucks
Android Applications
March 9, 2012: Hardware, Starry
March 10, 2012: 1996, Razors
March 14, 2012: Pi, Patent, Lent, Kahn
Raspberry Pi
March 29, 2012: Eagles, Nazis, Electronic Music, Wallpaper
Tornado: Kennedale/Arlington, April 3, 2012
April 5, 2012: Star Wars School of Management
April 19, 2012: Stores, History, Arcs, Jews, A’s, Cubify, DVDs
April 25, 2012: Children, Water, Fail
May 3, 2012: Dueling
May 4, 2012: Pie, Cookies, Icing, Runs
Getting Things Done: Well-Formed Context Lists
June 8, 2012: Mr. Rogers Autotuned, Google’s Most Accurate Suggestions
The Checklist Manifesto
The Scription Chronodex
June 22, 2012: Pacman, Pranks, Pixels, Presidents & One Blue Man
July 31, 2012: Sand, Mace, Baseball, Shortbread, Sunway
CCC 198-231
September 14, 2012: Gotye, 1216
CCC 232-267
CCC 268-278
CCC 325-354
CCC 385-421
CCC 355-384
CCC 279-324
Weightlifting / Weight Training
Getting Things Done: Commitment Management
Max Contraction Protocol
Getting Things Done @Work (Part 3)
Christian Rock Music
Humani Generis
April 4, 2013: The Week, French Revolutionary Calendar, Natural Egg Dye
Divine Mercy
Tea 2013
April 9, 2013: Shapes
April 30, 2013: Parent Rap, Yoga Evolution, Ship Pants, Helmet Cam, Waco Boom, Beard Graph
Anglicanorum Coetibus
Android Applications: Web Browsers
Android Applications: Travel
Android Applications: Shopping Lists
Conversations With God, Book 1, Chapter 2
May 23, 2013: Lego Rental, Lemon Bread, Printed Food, Pazzi, Da Vinci Shroud, Hyperbole
Conversations With God, Book 1, Chapter 3
June 7, 2013: Bare Paint, Caféjo MFP, Hitler Teapot, Ice Block, iOS
Interactive PERL Shell Environment
August 2, 2013: Sigler, iFixit, V.I.S.T.A., My Confessor, AnyGlove
Getting Things Done @Home
Getting Things Done With The Paper Tiger
September 19, 2013: Davy Jones, Pirate Food, GTA5, Cyber-Shot Q-Series
Military History
Military Operational Units
Creepy Art
The Generations from Adam to Noah
Roman Infantry Tactics
I’ve Heard It All 2010
I’ve Heard It All 2011
I’ve Heard It All 2012
I’ve Heard It All 2013
JFK Assassination
The Spiraldex
Getting Things Done: Shopping Lists
Getting Things Done: The New Age Movement
Getting Things Done: Advent Calendar
The Christmas Candle
The First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians
Max Lucado’s “You Are Special”
January 14, 2014: Capitalism Pyramid, Mavens, Toothbrush, Real Beauty, Digital Quilting
January 17, 2014: Lake Tea, Platforms, ObamaBats, Photo Clock, Ramen Burger
I’ve Heard It All 2014
The Hunger Games
Tea 2014
February 6, 2014: Manila 777, Dos-à-dos, Kalashnikov, Marbles, Phytoplankton
Mental Math Tricks
Catching Fire
CCC 422-455
The Epistle of Saint Barnabas
Truth & Life Audio Bible Disc Breakdown
The Obamas: The Untold Story of an African Family
Athenagoras’ Apology
Aristides’ Apology
The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama
Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain
Open Source Tripwire Reference
Other Uses For Tripwire
The Last Lecture
Living To Please God Blog
People Of The Covenant
July 31, 2014: Resume, Cows, Shipping Containers
Eucharistic Theologies In Luke & John
August 6, 2014: Conclave Facts, Catholic America, Project Data, Toothpick City
August 13, 2014: SOPA, Scavenger Hunt, Another Heart, Palin & Warren
Android Games
Android Habit Formation Apps
Android Applications: PDF Readers
The Vatican Diaries
The Poisonwood Bible
Religion Defined
Crucifying Jesus All Over Again
September 24, 2014: Invisible Plane, Canoe, Ubuntu Hotel, Stormtrooper Life
Through Faith, Not Works
Remembering Differently
My Texas Map Collection
The Generations from Shem to Abram
Computer Graphics
December 17, 2014: Byzantine Carols, Big-Eyed Children, AquaPonics
Reformation Timeline
Death Star Tea Infuser
Tea 2015
January 2, 2015: Moltmann, Filioque, Penny Floor, UFOs
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Android Applications: Social Media
Android Applications: Office Suites
DeLorme Tripmate GPS
I’ve Heard It All 2015
Coffee 2015
February 13, 2015: Mothers, Dolls, Fibonacci, Ecclesiastical
Ten Discoveries That Rewrote History
Luther’s Popes
Martin Luther: Father of the Reformation
Luther Rap
m4 Macro Processor
Playing WAV Files In PERL
Interactive Fiction
The Great Controversy
ITIL: Foundation Certification
Year’s Minds Calendar
ITIL: Service Strategy
Coffee 2016
Where is Muriel, Texas?
Tea 2016
SWTFA: Han & Leia
Why Christians Hate Religion
July 26, 2016: Boettner, White Noise, Stereotypes, Gradient Mesh
Royalty Free Music
Catholic Mass Bible Readings Coverage
The Energy Bus
Obama Controversies
Scottish Cathedral Permits Koranic Recitation
Martyrium Ignatii
Crippled America
The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX)
Ignatius’ Asian Epistles
What Does “Catholic” Mean Anyway?
The Future Workplace Experience
How We Decide / Thinking, Fast & Slow
Great Leaders GROW
Catholic Hate Groups
Creativity: A Study
Creativity Deconstructed
TFS / VSTS Customization
October 4, 2017: Dutch Ovens, IdeaBoardz, Like Fab Ostpay Bork!
Amoris Laetitia
October 31, 2017: Momento Mori, Matthias Hauser, A Dark Room
The vi Text Editor
Ignatius’ Roman Epistle
Ignatius’ Epistle To Polycarp
January 12, 2018: Music & Math, Life with Cats, Vending Machines
Agile: My Journey
Agile: A Conversion Story
Agile: Online Resources


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