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This page contains my general notes on Christian theology. Unlike the pages I’ve dedicated to the Bible, the Catechism and the writings of the Church Fathers, etc., which follow a structure dictated by those works themselves, the notes contained herein are arranged for easy lookup and update. To an extent, the structure provides a framework for my study, and the shape taken by the material may change over time. The pages and posts are not intended to be a personal pulpit or a replacement for official Church teachings, but simply a repository of information and references upon which I may draw to defend and teach the faith whenever necessary. (2 Tim 4:2-3) Despite the fact that I try to use reliable sources, especially those bearing an Imprimatur, I do not pretend to be graced with the charism of infallibility.

Theology (General Information)
Catechesis & Apologetics
Fullness of Truth

Basic Concepts
Free Will
Convenant Relationships
Grace – Faith – Hope – Love

Reading List
CA Live Listening Log

God’s Plan
Salvation History
The Fall (from Grace)
Life in Christ
– Justification
– Sanctification
– Death
– Judgment
– Salvation
– Purgation
– Sainthood
Eschatology (End Times)
The Sacraments
Baptism & Confirmation
The Eucharist
Reconciliation (Confession/Penance)
Matrimony & Holy Orders
Anointing of the Sick (Extreme Unction/Last Rites)

Catholic Topics
Scriptural Responses
Faith & Works
Church Authority
(Non) Sola Scriptura
Divine Mercy


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