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March 8, 2010

Back Up WordPress ‘Blog With Wget

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One risk of keeping my notepad online is the eventual disappearance of Backing up my ‘blog is of utmost importance. WordPress has a built-in export function, which I do use, but it is most useful for reloading the ‘blog into a WordPress-driven site. I also wanted a way to create a local copy of my notepad for local browsing and for quick upload to a non-Wordpress site if the need arose. Enter, wget.

Wget is one very useful tool. In a nutshell, it gets files, even entire sites, from the Web. I did a quick search and found this posting that provides a recommended set of command line options. I removed the -w and -H parameters and limited the -D parameter to my ‘blog only. Also, I used the shorter flags for brevity (e.g. -m for –mirror, -k for –convert-links, etc.).

wget -m -p –E -k -P ~/var/tmp/Notepad

Now I can keep a local copy or even burn it to for use on other machines.

March 20, 2008

Backing Up Online E-mail

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This article from Wired provided some good suggestions for backing up GMail:

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird – set up POP or IMAP and open the app once in a while.
  2. Getmail – available in the Ubuntu repositories, easy to configure, and can be run via cron.
  3. Fetchmail – reportedly ‘arcane’ and more difficult to set up, but also run on the command line.

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