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June 28, 2010

Funkyputers, R.I.P.

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When I finally committed to using Linux exclusively for my personal computing, I had just bought a new laptop and installed Ubuntu over the existing Windows partition. I removed the Windows badge from its place near the keyboard, but felt like something was missing. I looked online for Linux badges and found several listings on eBay. The best were from a shop called Funkyputers. I bought a lot of ten, including some bearing the logos of other distributions, just in case I decided not to stick with Ubuntu. The quality wasn’t quite as good as the labels stamped for manufacturers, but they’ve lasted surprising long without much fading. After running across a half-page ad that was shipped with my order, I thought I might order some new badges for the family’s new netbooks, only to find that Funkyputers is no more.

Contact info for Funkyputers included:

I believe this was a sole proprietorship owned by one Tausif “Puck” Rahman. He’s the fellow that handled my order, and after looking up the company’s mailing address on Google Maps, it looks like it was probably run out of someone’s flat in Cardiff, in southern Wales. Puck seemed like a very nice fellow and I hope all is well with him.

August 30, 2010. I was recently contacted by one of Puck’s business associates as a result of this post. It seems that his decision to close shop was sudden and may have been motivated, at least in part, by personal circumstances. Whereas my correspondance with Puck was very brief, this particular customer had an ongoing business relationship with Puck and was able to determine that Puck was ok. He also recommended ScotGold Products in Aberdeenshire, Scotland for similar products. I’ve not had a need to shop there myself yet, but I’ll certainly give them a try when such a need arises.

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