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January 17, 2014

January 17, 2014: Lake Tea, Platforms, ObamaBats, Photo Clock, Ramen Burger

This week, in a post titled Lake Tea, XKCD estimated how much tea would be required to turn the Great Lakes into a ginormous cup of tea of regular strength. A key step in this determination is to define what ‘regular strength’ means. It turns out that the International Organization for Standardization has a standard method, ISO 3103, for brewing tea for sensory tests.

2012 Platform Comparison
Priests for Life published A Comparison of the 2012 Republican and Democratic Platforms flyer that has been legally cleared for distribution by churches. Containing only quotes from the official platform documents published by each party, it doesn’t contain any political opinions but lets the reader compare and contrast so that he may form his own opinion.

ObamaBats: 24 True Type Dingbats
Now the POTUS is a font. Apparently, this set has been around since 2008 and I didn’t find out about it until late 2013.

Word Clock Photo Frame
Looking for something else, I ran across these plans for a photo frame clock. Basically, it’s a digital photo frame loaded with 720 images (one for each minute) spelled out in words (e.g. "one thirty eight"). The author built a circuit to trigger the ‘next’ button on one minute intervals. If I ever have the time, I want to build one of these, except I’ll probably use a webcam to snap photos of a fancy analog clock each minute instead of using words.

Ramen Burger
Hamburger patties on ramen buns. That’s pretty much it. This craze hit in September 2013. Watch the story by ABC News. It sounds like a student’s dream come true! Here’s a recipe. Go make one, then come back and watch this video by TEDxManhattan on a scientific study of ramen noodle by Stefani Bardin and Dr. Braden Kuo at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard. After that, we can talk about whatever comes up.


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