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October 13, 2016

Obama Controversies

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Love him or hate him, it cannot be denied that Barack Obama is one of the most controversial Presidents the United States has ever had. I started this list some time ago and wanted to write a more thorough treatment of each, but I have far too many other things to do for that. Some are true, most are reportedly bogus, and all can be found easily on the Internet.


  • First African-American President
  • Citizenship / birth certificate / birther theory
  • Campaign rally fainting incidents
  • 57 States (c.f. Organisation of Islamic Cooperation)
  • Bible irrelevancy (c.f. Call to Renewal speech, Dobson)
  • Sworn in with no Bible / with hand on Quran
  • Jeremiah Wright (c.f. Liberation Theology, Black Lib Theology, James Cone)
  • American flag lapel pin
  • Socialism / Communism
  • Hand over heart during National Anthem / Pledge of Allegiance
  • Michelle’s “All this for a **** flag” comment
  • Negotiating with terrorists
  • USA “no longer a Christian nation”
  • National Day of Prayer cancellation (so not to offend people)
  • Muslim Day of Prayer upheld (so as not to offend Muslims)
  • Bows to Saudi King
  • Michelle hugs the Queen of England
  • Is a demon, smells of sulfur (c.f. Alex Jones)


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