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August 22, 2014

Android Habit Formation Apps

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There exists a class of apps designed for the sole purpose of helping you build good habits and kick bad ones. Approaches vary by app, but most of them focus on positive formation by allowing you to create a list of habits that you want to form (e.g. jog, drink enough water, get sufficient sleep), and then letting you check them off each day that you do them. A few apps were obviously designed to help you avoid certain habits (e.g. smoking, snacking, etc.), as progress is shown in the number of days since you last slipped.

I started to evaluate several of these offerings, but decided to stop when it became evident that this sort of app was not going to work well for me at all. First, being one who practices GTD, I am more interested in finding creative ways to remind myself to do things rather than to force myself to remember to do them. Second, it seemed like the whole habit-formation process works best when actions are checked off in a timely manner (and indeed, some of the apps pretty much required real-time entry), which may work well with a smartphone, but I couldn’t realistically have my tablet with me all the time, and full data entry every evening was a burden at best.

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