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December 31, 2014

Death Star Tea Infuser

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Tea Death Star Infuser - 300x300
That’s no moon…it’s a tea infuser.

I would never have guessed the contents of the box before unwrapping it, but I am so glad someone knows me well enough to give the power of the Death Star in the form of a tea infuser. First of all, I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and as any of my Twitter followers can tell you, I love tea too! This item wins big on both fronts.

The TIE Fighter charm on the end of the chain is really what makes this infuser a success. Without it, the whole thing looks like a simple ball infuser that has suffered a bad dent. And since the infuser itself is submerged in your cup most of the time, it is the TIE Fighter that catches the eye of your coworker in the break room. I would not be surprised if someone were to tell me that the charm is a repurposed player token from a Star Wars themed Monopoly game, because it is about the right size and shiny silver.

But it’s not all about form! This infuser is also very functional. The charm is heavy and the chain is long, so it doesn’t slip into the hot water and there’s no need to clip it around the handle of the cup. The infuser ball is huge to boot! I like brewing strong tea, and a lot of loose-leaf goodness can be packed into this floating death machine. To be honest, I have not compared the capacity to other infusers on the market, but I know it is a lot larger than any of the other infusers in my kitchen drawer.

The only concern I have is durability. The wall of the infuser ball is pretty thin and the hinge may be a little suspect. Time will tell.

You too can harness the power of the Death Star (tea infuser), available at ThinkGeek for approximately $20.

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