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April 3, 2012

Tornado: Kennedale/Arlington, April 3, 2012

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Living in Texas means living with big storms, and that means tornadoes. We had a whopper of a storm today with several significant tornado events occurring across the Metroplex. The big one in south Dallas County received national news coverage, but a lot of people recorded video of the one that whipped through Kennedale and Arlington in southeast Tarrant County. Here are the best videos that were uploaded to YouTube that afternoon. I’ve added some Google Maps for perspective. Take a look.

Warning: this page contains many embedded YouTube videos and may take a minute to load.

From this angle, it looks like the tornado could have gone right through my old neighborhood in Arlington.

This is what Texans do in storms like this.

A short clip, but at least now I have a better idea where it touched down. I think the video was shot facing south from the office building at the north corner of Green Oaks and Tate Springs (the tan-roofed building shown on the map below the clip).

The news helicopter footage below is west of Hwy287, near the high school. The apartments are on the top of the map, the local high school is on the left, and Hwy287 is on the right.

Where’s Kennendale? Oh, you meant Kennedale. The Chevron is on the east corner of the intersection shown on the map.

Here’s another one from Kennedale, from the Pitt Stop Cafe (lower right corner), looking west-northwest accross the Apple Import Auto Salvage.

My guess is, this was taken somewhere in the neighborhood shown on the map, mainly because the builder’s signs for the empty lots look like First Texas Homes signs and I know they were building in that area a few years ago.

From the intersection of Hwy287 and Sublett. He ends up in the neighborhood just to the north, entering on Andalusia Trail off of the 287 frontage road, then turning left on Headstead Road. This is directly across the highway from the apartments mentioned above. He then moves up to Stagetrail Drive, and the house with the uprooted tree is the sixth on the left.

Gotta love Texans! This guy was on the ramp from eastbound I-20 to southbound Hwy287 when he saw the twister and decided to turn around. Bless his heart. You can see the Little Road Walmart in the background.

Thank you, Beavis and Butthead… (WARNING: foul language employed by minors)

And of course, from Lancaster (or thereabouts), eighteen-wheelers are thrown fifty feet in the air!

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