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February 12, 2020

Pecan Coffee: Cameron’s Toasted Southern Pecan K-Cups

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To follow-up to the Cameron’s Toasted Southern Pecan ground coffee, I picked up a box of the K-Cups for the Keurig in the breakroom. As I’ve stated in other posts, I don’t expect much from K-Cups, but in this case I was completely blown away! The results were equivalent if not better than with the ground coffee. I can’t help but believe that this was due in part to the use of the Cameron’s EcoPod, which boasts a paper lid and compostable ring and filter instead of a plastic cup. The other part is just good coffee. To Cameron’s, the Keurig space isn’t a place to skimp on quality.

If that weren’t enough, I must relate what happened when I brewed a cup on the way out one evening. As I crossed the short walkway between the building and the parking garage, I was stopped by one of the executives. He asked me what kind of coffee I was drinking. I happily shared the name of the brand and flavor. He told me that the smell was amazing and he was surprised how well it lingered in the air. Now, it was a bit cool out and the air was moist, which accounts for why the aroma carried so well, but compliment on the smell can only be attributed to the quality of the coffee itself. Good job, Cameron’s!

December 17, 2019

Pecan Coffee: Green Mountain K-Cups

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We switched to Keurig machines at work years ago. They are handy, efficient, and require less work for the day porters to maintain. The company supplies a variety of K-Cups, usually about 8 different kinds of coffee/tea at each coffee station. Most of the coffee is Starbucks brand and the remainder is typically Green Mountain. Based on this experience, I’ve learned to never expect much from the K-Cups in general, and much less from the Green Mountain selections (Dark Magic may be the one exception).

I managed to find two pecan coffees made by Green Mountain in K-Cup format: “Southern Pecan” and “Maple Pecan”. The Southern Pecan is a standard flavor available at the grocery store all year. The maple variety, however, is marked “Limited Edition” and was stocked with other seasonal foods, so I expect it will be unavailable in a month or so. I bought both on sale for approximately $7 for a 12-cup box.

Given my low expectations, I decided that I couldn’t judge these coffees too harshly, so my basis for evaluation is whether or not these are good enough to (a) buy my own coffee and bring it to work and/or (b) recommend that they swap out one of the existing selections for one of these (even if only temporarily for the seasonal maple variety).

One might expect to get one regular-sized cup of coffee from one K-Cup, so I brewed both of the coffees at the largest (10oz) setting. Both turned out to be very thin! The pecan scent is present, but the cup has to be close to the nose to be perceptible. The maple pecan has a slight syrup smell and taste, but it doesn’t add much over the southern pecan. Both are pretty much lifeless. So, I brewed another set at the smallest (4oz) setting, which made both a bit overpowering. Definitely too much maple! I added some milk (last resort) and that helped some, but I have become accustomed to taking my coffee black and adding cream and sugar just hides the taste of the coffee.

The verdict? Would I drink these regularly at work? No, definitely not, especially considering that they are competing with free Starbucks coffee. I will be leaving the leftover K-Cups in the breakroom for others to try.

June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013: Bare Paint, Caféjo MFP, Hitler Teapot, Ice Block, iOS

Conductive Paint
Paint circuits with Bare Paint conductive paint. I didn’t find it on, but I did see it on Think Geek and Amazon.

Caféjo My French Press
Here’s a product I just don’t understand. As a coffee lover, I find the traditional French press to be <em>the</em> way to make the best-tasting coffee. The process does take a little time and cleanup effort, but the flavor is the best, primarily because the metal screen doesn’t filter out the fats and oils like the paper filters do. On the other end of the spectrum, coffee machines exist to make brewing coffee more convenient, but the taste usually suffers. The Keurig single-cup brewing system, with its prepackaged K-Cup coffee pods, is a good compromise: descent flavors (Green Mountain Dark Magic, yum) and next to no cleanup (empty that K-Cup bin). But the Caféjo My French Press seems like it gives you the <em>worst</em> of both worlds. You are still brewing run-of-the-mill coffee with a paper filter using water you have to heat up yourself into a container you have to wash. From a presentation perspective, it’s not anywhere near as handsome as a good old fashioned French press — it’s not even cute. At least with the Aerobie AeroPress you are not restricted to the K-Cups, which are fairly expensive compared to a bag of whole beans.

Drivers See Adolf Hitler in Culver City Teapot Billboard
I dunno. I don’t see it. Do you?

Ice Block (HVAC)
This freaked me out the first time it happened in our new home. I always change out filters every three months, and it took only one month for this problem to develop.

iOS Compatibility Chart
I stumbled across this when updating an iPod Touch 3rd Gen.

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