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November 19, 2009

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

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Here are a few Windows keyboard shortcuts (also called “hotkeys”) that I find very useful. The well-known editing shortcuts have been omitted (e.g. CTRL+X to cut, etc.).

Windows Tools
WINDOWS+D: Show Desktop
WINDOWS+L: Lock workstation
WINDOWS+E: Open Windows Explorer (My Computer)
CTRL+SHIFT+ESC: Task Manager
CTRL+ALT+DEL: Security Manager

Opening Menus
CTRL+ESC: Start menu (same as WINDOWS key)
ALT+ENTER: Open properties menu
ALT+SPACE: Open system menu
SHIFT+F10: Open context menu (same as App key)

Switching Applications
ALT+TAB: Switch apps using “CoolSwitch” dialogue box
ALT+ESC: Switch apps in order opened
WINDOWS+TAB: Navigate apps on taskbar
[Add SHIFT to any of these to reverse direction]

CTRL-F6: Switch docs (e.g. Excel books)
F6: Cycles screen elements
F10: Activates menu bar
[F6, F10 & ALT expose shortcuts in Office 2007]

Moving a Window Using the Keyboard
On various occasions, I’ve had to retrieve a window that was outside of the visible boundries of the desktop. This happened most recently at work, when I logged into a computer with only one monitor attached. At my desktop, the app usually opens by default on the second monitor. To solve this:

  1. ALT+TAB until the app is in focus.
  2. ALT+SPACE to activate the system menu.
  3. Type the ‘M’ botton for ‘Move’.
  4. Use the arrow keys to move the window around.


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