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August 23, 2011

Basic General Ledger Software

A few years ago, I had a need for an extremely-basic GL for a project. The following is a list of the most-basic apps I could find. I ended up writing my own, but I kept the list just in case the need were to arise again.

  • Lazy8 is a simple, Java-based, Open Source GL now available for Ubuntu!
  • OneStep is a Windows-based GL that can be used as a POS system.
  • Brinance is a CLI app written in Perl.
  • Ledger is another Unix CLI GL app. (formerly


August 2, 2010


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Moneydance. Personal finance. Intuitive checkbook program with great input interface.
Beyond Compare. Diff/merge tool. Highly functional for a great price. Diff files and directories.
UltraEdit. Text editor. The best available. Finally available for Linux.


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Basic General Ledger Software

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