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February 13, 2015

February 13, 2015: Mothers, Dolls, Fibonacci, Ecclesiastical


Time Travelling (In Photos)
Photographer Christine McConnell recreated five generations of matrilineal photographs using herself as a subject. Why? To discover herself in her ancestry. She found out just how closely she resembled her mother, and her mother, and her mother (and so on), each in different ways. This is a very personal project, a serious undertaking, and a job well done. Thanks go to Catholic Apologist Patrick Madrid for Tweeting this one!

Tree Change Dolls
A friend of mine who is very keen on bringing up wholesome children posted a video about these dolls on Facebook. Sonia Singh of Tasmania repurposes (mostly) Bratz dolls, converting them into…well, just cute little dolls! She cleans up and repaints the faces, and her mother sews the clothing. According to the Tree Change Doll homepage on tumblr, she is opening an online store this month!

Fibonacci Sculptures
Inventor, designer, and artist John Edmark of California was inspired to incorporate Fibonacci’s Sequence into a series of 3D printed sculptures. Called Blooms, these pieces appear to move on their own when spun at the right frequency under a strobe light. The effect is similar to filming a helicopter with a digital camera. The helicopter can appear to float with static rotor and blades. Check out the article and video posted by The San Francisco Globe in January.

Ecclesiastical Sewing
Anyone who appreciates well-made church vestments will love this ‘blog! It features some beautiful embroidery work by one Carrie Roberts. She doesn’t just showcase the final products either, but demonstrates technique and materials as well. I don’t sew myself, but I know quite a few church ladies who are going to want to visit this site often.

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