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April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012: Children, Water, Fail

The Time Lapse Children
I stumbled across these videos today. Talk about your life flashing before your eyes! The YouTube poster filmed his/her children (Lotte & Vince) every week from birth, sped up the film and combined the results. It’s like watching them grow up in a matter of minutes. The third one (Natalie) is from a different family and is based on daily photos, not weekly videos. It is so cool that someone actually did this! (read: I wish I had thought of it first.)

Control The Flow Of Water
Make a stream of water stand still or trickle very slowly, even backward, using your digital video camera. The explanation can be found here on the CBS News website

If I Wanted America To Fail
Here’s today’s controversial video going around the office, thanks to Drudge. Looks great in 1080 HD! Produced by the good folks at FreeMarketAmerica.

July 20, 2009

Zen Encoding

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The Zen media player by Creative Labs seems to be a bit picky about the video formats it plays. After a lot of experimentation and little success, I eventually found the ZEN / ZEN Vision Series Video Encoding Guidelines. When I have time to play with it again, I plan to add to this post the methods that work best for me.

January 30, 2008

Linux DVD Player Review (2002)

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Linux Journal published a Linux DVD player review, May 6, 2002.  It covers Xine, VideoLAN Client, MPlayer & Ogle.  The review is a bit outdated now, but the video players are still available five years later.

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